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Project Description

SpecFlow TFS Linker is an Extension for Visual Studio 2010 which helps development team to work with the Behaviour-Driven-Development SpecFlow tool and Team Foundation Server.

This tool allow you to make link between your development environment and the User Stories wrote in TFS. The tool is also able to generate automatically SpecFlow's files. (Feature and StepDefinition)

  1. What do I need to use this Extension ?
  2. How to Install and configure SpecFlow TFS Linker ?
  3. How to use SpecFlow Tfs Linker Extension ?

Quick demonstration …

First, the product owner and her team create the sofware specifications using User Stories and Test cases into Team Foundation Server.

eg : Create a first User Story : Create a basic calculator and generate tree test case : Addition, Substraction and Multiplication.


Then, the team describes each test cases with the Gherkin language (Given, When, Then statement)


The development team have to install the SpecFlow TFS Linker Extension for Visual Studio and they just have to Add an item from a Visual studio project or folder and choose “SpecFlow'”.


The User Story selector allow you to make a connection with TFS Server and select the User Story you want to generate & implement.


The SpecFlow TFS Linker generate the two SpecFlow’s files : Feature and StepDefinition






Now it’s your turn ! You just have to start the “Red-Green” process (TDD) and start develop the feature !

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